EL Primo

An Indoguna delicatessen brand that brings authentic deli taste to Indonesia and is made with the highest level of quality control in the industry, in compliance with ISO 22000 certification.

An Indoguna owned brand of fries, for locals with an international taste. Crispy, firm, and delicious, Tasty Fries let you bring that French fry flavor home.

Meatshop was established in October 1984, born from a humble desire to fulfil friends’ requests for providing daily household needs in meat and seafood supplies.

Over the years, the hard work has been recognized by the community and society for providing the best quality products with reasonable and affordable prices.

Meatshop has now grown into Meatshop & Gourmet, offering customers a place to dine-in.

The concept branched out across the nation under the name Meatshop & Grocery, where people can shop meat, seafood, dairy and other products.

Meatshop & Grocery locations also offer a dine-in service for those who wish to have their meat cooked by our professional, experienced chefs.

Angus House was established in 1987 as the first Japanese charcoal steak restaurant in Indonesia.

Angus House employs experienced chefs from Japan to prepare and serve US Premium Angus Beef with special ingredients and signature sauce for an authentic
dining experience.

R&B Grill was originally created in Yogyakarta (Jogja), Indonesia, to introduce a fusion of Western food and traditional Jogja delicacies to the community.

The taste and atmosphere were accepted by the Central Javanese community and R&B Grill has since spread the love of their cuisine by expanding their restaurants to Solo, Semarang, and Bandung.

Under the same management, R&B Grill Jogja created d’Padukan, a restaurant in Yogyakarta that is known for its authentic Jogja cuisine.

R&B Grill Prime is another extension of R&B Grill that serves gourmet food. It is not bound to traditional Indonesian food but aims to make a high-class cuisine that is suitable for the Indonesian community.

R&B Grill Prime was first created in Bali and another in Makassar. R&B Grill Prime is the taste of quality for Indonesia. Now you don’t have to travel across the world to taste such fine and delicate cuisines.

Pasarmitra Tani was a joint venture with the Ministry Agriculture to provide average to low income households with quality products that are affordable. All Indonesians should be getting the food they need and should be catered according to their incomes.

Toko Tani has branched out to a lot of places in Jakarta and will be expanding throughout the country. This is to enable them to keep providing Indonesian citizens with the best quality nutritious food and services.