PT Indoguna Utama currently has
over 1,000 employees worldwide.

The Distribution Center

Our distribution center are strategically located,
so that we can fulfill the needs of bustling cities in Indonesia.

Delivery Trucks

15 units of long hauler with frozen and chiller with 15-24T capacity.
150 units of medium trucks with frozen and chiller with 5T capacity.
50 units of large trucks with frozen and chiller with 5-10T capacity.
50 units of medium dry trucks with 5T capacity.

Warehouse Trucks

Powered industrial truck to lift and transport materials such as forklift
double deep and counter balance.

Blast Freezer

Rapid freezing rooms in large quantity
to ensure the safety and quality of
our product.


10,000 metric tons frozen storage.
1,500 metric tons chilled storage.
1,000 metric tons dry storage.

Wrapping Machine

The wrapping and stacking system that emphasizes on flexibility and safety
to enhance production and improve working conditions.