Meatshop was established in October 1984. It all started from a humble desire to fulfill friends’ requests of supplying daily household needs in meat supplies particularly in steaks and sukiyakis. Over the years, Meatshop grows into one of the front-runners in the industry investing in top quality steak houses in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Singapore under Angus Steak House flag. Meatshop also offers a concept that combines meat store and groceries with family dining which goes by the name of Meatshop and Gourmet. 

The company that was established by Indoguna in early 1996. Saranakulina started as a food importer and food distributor of varieties in fine food and dairy based products which later thrived into a much diverse business which includes luxurious food. Within each year the company is working on better ways to improve and enhance the business and to this day owns products from all across Europe, also from Singapore and Australia.

PT Indoguna Utama is the only importer and distributor of certified Angus beef in Indonesia with state-of-the-art cold chain, we have obtained health and halal standard of certification, ISO 22000 certified, and yearly audits.

We service virtually all the 5-star hotels in Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Kalimantan and Sumatra. In additional to the hotels, the company supplies Western, Korean and Japanese restaurants. Retailers and our partner in industrial and catering sector are an expanding part of the company’s business for chilled and frozen meat products.