Mr. Farid Rusli Effendy
Mrs. Ir. Soraya Kusuma Effendy
Mrs. Maria Elizabeth Liman
Mr. Erwin Romel Efendi
Mr. Arya Abdi Effendy


President Commissioner

President Director



PT Indoguna Utama was found in 1982 with only 5 employees. Throughout the years it has expanded with more than 1000 employees worldwide and is now recognized as the leading imported quality chilled and frozen meats in Indonesia. The aptness of the company to provide and offer these needs, also the ability to understand the market has led Indoguna to be the household name of Indonesia’s major distributor for perishable food and beverages. The never ending drive to provide customers with the best possible products at a reasonable price combined with the joys of meeting and working with the people in this dynamic industry has ensured the rapid growth and success of the company. Till this day, Indoguna supplies to hotels, retailers, and direct consumers on a daily basis with beef as the foundation for its business. This includes United States, Australia, and New Zealand origin products as well as other varieties of products encompassing seafood, dairy, veal, lamb, poultry, fruits, vegetables, pastries, and processed foods.


A balance life of the community through
the provision of nutrious food


To provide quality food stock
throughout the nation